Another Quiet Blog

There are plenty of blogs which are like abandoned houses. No sign of life, no posts for ages. The quiet blogs.

When I started this blog as My English Lab I saw it as a place where I could pursue my interest in how the English language is used. At the time I was looking at using it to help promote a program of English language learning online. I did not pursue that business project.

Neither, as is clear from even a cursory glance, did I pursue the development of this blog.

That raises the question of what to do.

With various other blogs going, I simply don’t have the time, or at least the determination, to keep this going, at least for the foreseeable future.

Also, although I’d purchased the domain, I had not ‘turned it on’ so to speak. When I had an offer recently for the domain, I accepted it, so I no longer own the domain.

So I’m wondering which of the following options to implement:

  • delete it
  • put on ice and possibly return to it one day
  • change the name and re-purpose it

The historian in me doesn’t like the idea of deleting it. I can’t see what I would do with it at a later date, but it may have some curiosity value to someone who stumbles across it.

Now that I’ve sold the domain,, it seems a bit pointless, and perhaps just not good form, to keep using the name My English Lab.

I’ll sleep on it.


One response to “Another Quiet Blog

  1. A sleep and you slept for more than two years.

    Wake up, please.

    Your blog is indeed very useful for language learners all over the world, including yours truly.

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